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Candle is a beautiful 2D puzzle-platform adventure with lots of challenges and puzzles to solve while guiding little Teku through his adventure to rescue his tribe’s shaman.
Candle paired lovely drawings and level design with a lovely story, all in all making it a great game I can only recommend.

Shift Happens

Shift Happens is a nice little 2D puzzle-platform game, mainly focused on its two-player coop mode. The graphics is quite basic here and there, but the gameplay and the challenges are indeed quite different and make it lots of fun to play (both in single-player and coop mode).

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is simply fantastic!
An action-adventure platform game that covers an endless number of different game modes, activities, character capabilities, levels and challenges. It’s been extreme fun to play this in two-player mode, despite the somewhat sad story.

I/we can only recommend this game – including all the mini games. It’s worth every cent.