Coding – a few lines in a script, a nice web tool, a bit of python, php or whatnot
Computer games – the good old classics and independent games are my favourites
Computer hardware – Robotron, Schneider, my first IBM compatible … it’s my little IT museum
Cooking – bring it on, I’ll cook something out of it ;)
LEGO – from Duplo to Technics, from casual building to physics outreach models
Music – all sorts, though mainly electronic
Publication of the Month – random stuff that crossed my eyes, unfortunately I hardly find the time anymore
RaspuinoDart – an Arduino-Raspberry-Dart project based on Python, Circuits, SQLite, jQuery and any recent web browser


Consecutive Number Plate Spotting – just have a look ;)
GeoCaching – gets me places I would never go otherwise :)
Hiking – as long as my knees can carry me
Hyundai – all cars I have owned are Hyundais and I’d probably one again
Photography – here and there a snapshot, once in a while something elaborated
Travelling – getting out and see the world … hmmm


Badminton – was playing and coaching in Berlin for several years, came a bit short recently
Billiards – 8-ball, 9-ball, snooker, whatever; they’re all fantastic
Bowling – love it! got my shoes, got my ball, only got no time :(
Board/Card Games – once in a while, things like Abalone, Alhambra, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Skat or Wizard
Climbing – indoor, outdoor, bouldering … the hands are too weak, the ass is to heavy ;)
Darts – got a board and a computer, just f***s up my floor ;) (check out RaspuinoDart as well)
Football – not so much lately :(
Golf – love it! just got no time, money and friends to play :(
Volleyball – played once or twice a week at high times, came a bit short recently

I also got a small section on problems and solutions. Have a look, you might find yours.