Doctoral thesis

In 2007, I started working on my Ph.D. thesis in elementary particle physics at DESY in Zeuthen and Humboldt-University in Berlin.

I was mainly working on event-selection (trigger) analyses as well as a new/modified approach to estimate backgrounds to top-quark events in a data-driven manner at the ATLAS experiment at CERN. Besides that I worked on Detector-Control-System software for the Pixel Detector of ATLAS and performed studies on the thermal performance of this device.

This all ended up in a thesis titled: “Development of a Data-Driven Algorithm to Determine the W+Jets Background in Top-Antitop Events in ATLAS”, which I handed in end of May 2010.

On 12 July 2010 I defended my thesis in a public disputation and finally got my diploma in September 2010.

Full text PDF of my Ph.D. thesis.