Bead Collision

Bead Collision is a collection of ironing-beads templates inspired by particle physics. From collider parts and detectors, to collisions and historic plots and distributions, from simple to more advanced designs, there is something for everyone.

All you need is a bunch of ironing beads, a 36×36 baseplate and – if you want a lasting memory – an iron. The colours are just a suggestion, you can choose whatever colour combination you see fit best.

If you come up with your own designs inspired or related to particle-physics or physics and science in general (or even just an idea for one), please make sure to send them along to and they might end up in the next version of this booklet, along with your name and a title. You can use the ‘pure white’ template to send your design. Looking forward to many interesting ideas :)

You can download the latest version of the complete booklet here, or you can simply download the individual pages from this gallery.