Gettin’ ready


Yesterday night, the LHC saw its first ever circulating beam at an energy of 6.5 TeV. It’s been only one of the two beams, but it shows we are getting close to collisions :) It’s going to be fantastic, though there is still a lot to do not just in terms of LHC preparations, but also on the detector and the analysis side.

Find out more about yesterday’s tests here and about the missing steps here.

Exciting times ahead

In a few weeks the LHC is restarting at never seen before energies. And to put some topping on this physics cream cheese, I’ll have the pleasure to be co-convenor of the ATLAS RPV/LL SUSY subgroup for one year, starting in April.

And just because that’s not enough yet, there is a few more news that came up recently … I’ll be giving a talk on ‘big data’ at ATLAS/CERN at the 11th Deggendorf forum on digital data analysis in mid June and one on Dark Matter searches in ATLAS at the IX International Conference on Interconnections between Particle Physics and Cosmology in Deadwood, SD end of June.