Bang!!! 13 TeV

Earlier today the Large Hadron Collider, for the first time ever, reached collisions at 13 TeV centre-of-mass energy.
We’re not yet fully back in physics operation, but only about two weeks away (according to the current schedule).

It’s getting more and more exciting and more and more busy these days :)
Here’s a few images of the LHC configuration and events in ATLAS, from earlier today.

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1 May and five great reasons to celebrate, so it was time for a nice dinner in town :)

It ended up being Schuhbeck’s restaurant at Platzl in the centre of Munich.
Quite a nice menu, certainly a great evening, but – maybe deserved – still miles away from out visit to Noma almost four years ago. Anyways, we had great time :)


Gettin’ ready


Yesterday night, the LHC saw its first ever circulating beam at an energy of 6.5 TeV. It’s been only one of the two beams, but it shows we are getting close to collisions :) It’s going to be fantastic, though there is still a lot to do not just in terms of LHC preparations, but also on the detector and the analysis side.

Find out more about yesterday’s tests here and about the missing steps here.