Time to move … and sponsor …

Time to move has been my motto for the past couple of weeks and will most likely continue to be so for a few more weeks to come. Most things are in fact already arranged for and just need to be done now … though the latter is usually the harder part.

Anyways, tomorrow will be my last day in Copenhagen! At least for as long as I am currently planing ahead.
Btw. thanks to everyone helping us with the move!

As for our previous two relocations and as kind of an evolving tradition, we are currently running another round of furniture sponsoring for our new apartment. So please consider becoming a sponsor to help us sustain a nice home for our stuff ;)

You can find all the details on my dedicated sponsoring page.

Fitted kitchen

There’s a first time for everything … today, for the first time, I had the pleasure to buy a fitted kitchen. Well pleasure is maybe exaggerated, excitement might fit better. The design phase had its ups and downs, the shopping part was easy, the paying was tough, currently I am simply waiting … and that’s boring in a empty apartment. If all works out (and let’s hope it does), I should have all parts in my apartment today and someone put them together on Wednesday morning (together with the guy hooking me up to the internet).

And by the way, if you are wondering what to do about our birthdays … we are restarting our furniture sponsorship programme ;)

[Update 06.04.14] In fact I got everything except the door handles :|


Good bye Copenhagen

Finally the time has come.

It’s time to say good bye yet another time to a place that has yet even more become my second home. Having lived in Copenhagen for over five years within the past ten and it being the birthplace of my son, it’s been quite tough leaving the city today.

It has neither been easy the first time in 2005, nor the second time in 2007, but this time it really got to me.

Anyways … I wanted to thank everyone that had his/her share in making me enjoy the time in Copenhagen as much as I did.

Vi ses København
You never know …

Something nice in the end

Even though the project did not end up where I wanted it to, in the end I got a nice little compensation from LEGO.

Of course, I am talking about the LEGO Cuusoo mini ATLAS model adventure. After they turned down my project, I got to choose three sets from their current catalogue. And here they are …


It had to one for the little one, it had to be the Simpsons’ house that just came out and it had to be a Cuusoo set. Well maybe the Cuusoo set was not obligatory. It might well have been the monstrous Death Star set, but then again the Mars Rover is quite cool ;)

Here’s some pictures from the finished Simpsons’ House and the Mars Rover …