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25 years of ATLAS

Based on the submission date of the Letter of Intend, 1 October 1992, the ATLAS Experiment will turn 25 years this autumn and I will have the pleasure to organise a live event on the actual birthday as well as an internal celebration during the Bratislava ATLAS Week in October … while getting caught in this, I noticed that, based on this calculation, I have been with ATLAS for half of its life (and a third of mine) by then.

Sous-vide surprise

As mentioned before, I recently received and successfully used my new Anova Precision Cooker. Now, I in fact own two of them. As I had some trouble with the initial order/delivery, the Anova support team – after kindly and quickly solving the issue – generously suggested that I should keep the initial unit as a gift (thanks a lot again).
So I’m looking forward to yet more sous-vide fun in future :)