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Hiking up Le Mole

On Sunday I had a very nice hike 6h30 up to Le Mole. You can see some part of the extremely nice view from the peak of the mountain.
Besides all the fun, I had to learn (even though one could have guess before) that a single yoghurt for breakfast is not enough for doing a hike like this … hmm! … and I can still feal the way down in my knees … but it was certainly worth it :|
More pictures are in my gallery …

Hiking online

Since we had some troubles finding nice and well described hikes, and maybe also because I like adding things to my webpage, I now have a section on hikes.
Each hike comes with some information on duration, height and length, with a map and an elevation profile … the last and very nice hike I did on Sunday is also in!
I’ll try to add more over the coming weekends/months/years …

A bit of everything please …

… that was the motto for the long weekend!
Heike was around and we started with some nice originally French dinner at a friends place (thanks to the hosts). On May 1st we walked through Geneva and enjoyed some international food at some offshoot of the labour demonstration party thingy … whatever. The evening was crowned with a visit to my favourite restaurant in the area … hmm … I love this place! Saturday was reserved for some hiking in the French alps near Megeve (this time without getting lost in snowslides). Finally Sunday was for relaxing and checking out the little market in Thoiry … which turned out to be quite nice!