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ATLAS (25) week in Bratislava

Just left the closing session of this year’s outside ATLAS Overview Week 2017 which took place in BratislavaSlovakia. Besides the usual physics, detector and performances updates, we had our internal ATLAS25 celebration party on Thursday.
From the outreach side we presented and got people involved in various activities and presented some really nice videos documenting the past 25 years during the celebration.
Obviously there was also some (though not much) time to see the city, the castle, the Most SNP and to escape from the clutches of a corrupt policeman.

Last but not least, the ATLAS collaboration board just granted me the honour to be the next outreach co-coordinator, starting next March :)


Just returned from a week in Bucharest at the ‘ATLAS Exotics and SUSY Joint Workshop’, which took place at the Ministry of Culture and had its conference dinner at the slightly oversized Palace of Parliament, depicted above. The latter holds some interesting records, e.g. as the world’s largest civilian building with an administrative function, the world’s most expensive administrative building and the world’s heaviest building!?
Anyways …  the workshop was nice, the dinner was nice, my talk was nice ;) and Buchrest certainly interesting … which reminds me of an equally interesting article on Bucharest I read this week.