Building yet another one down under

BYOPD square

Looks like I’ll have the chance to build yet another Atlas Lego model in Australia this summer.

Thanks to COEPP and the Powerhouse Museum, I’ll be in Sydney in August to build an Atlas Lego model with students as part of the Sydney Science Festival (FB) / National Science Week in Australia.
During the two-day event we’ll also have public sessions for visitors to build Nathan’s LHC micro models and the finished large model will be part of the CERN Collider exhibition hosted in the same place from 6 August to 30 October 2016.

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Wildlife vs. science

Franco Atirador/Wikimedia Commons/GNU Free Documentation License
Franco Atirador/Wikimedia Commons/GNU Free Documentation License

CERN has confirmed that apparently a beech marten has caused “a short circuit in one of the electrical transformers [and] cut power to the LHC”.

And just because I heard the comment/joke twice already (sorry it’s in German, thx Basti) … das Tier war offensichtlich ein Selbstmarder :|

Unconventional signatures and Exotic Higgs


Today I got a warm welcome to a new job within ATLAS. After one year as co-convener of the ATLAS SUSY subgroup for R-parity violating and long-lived signatures, which ends today, I’ll have the pleasure to be co-convener of the ATLAS Exotics subgroup for Unconventional signatures and Exotic Higgs searches for one year starting tomorrow.

Once again, it’s an exiting time as in 2016 we might get up to ten times the data we had in 2015. I’m very much looking forward :)