Reviving a school website

Earlier this year I took on the task of reviving my son’s high school website. Now we have finally reached the point where the school has decided to officially move from the old and outdated site to this new one.

After another less successful attempt by someone else to relaunch the site, we decided to go for a slimmer and simpler approach this time to minimise maintenance.
Using WordPress, I derived a minimally modified but dedicated child theme based on Twenty Twenty and wrote a bit of PHP, Javascript and HTML/CSS code to adapt the site to the needs and wishes of the school staff.

Some content still needs to be added, but the site is already more functional and complete than the old one, so the school decided to launch it at their summer party today.

I will continue to support the school team with maintenance, development and working on the long list of ideas we still have for the site. These include updating some of the images in collaboration with the photography course and better integrating the school newspaper and other school projects.

Honour & Glory – 2024 UEFA European Championship

Congratulations to my dear wife on her second H&G win, to newcomer Philip who seems to be carrying on the family tradition, and to regular podium finisher Troels.
Certainly well-deserved results, given that Heike stayed in the top three for 45 out of 51 matches, and both she and Philip were in the lead for more than twenty matches each.

The trophies pictured above will soon be on their way to all the winners.

You can find all the stats and standings here (including a scoreboard if you prefer) and the football all-time stats have also been updated.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and see you next time…

Building a quantum future in Lindau

This Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Bavarian Evening at the 73rd edition of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Together with Research in Bavaria, we had a Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) booth and a lot of interesting and sometimes deep discussions about quantum computing and what we are doing in MQV, both in terms of research and industry collaborations.

We also had a first and successful large-scale presentation of a quantum version of the Bavarian card game Schafkopf, called QuantenSchaftkopf.
Ludwig Nützel from FAU came up with the idea, we put together a first visual identity and designed a board, and soon it will be playable online at