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Never Alone

Never Alone is a beautiful puzzle-platform video game based on a traditional Iñupiaq tale. Guiding a little girl and her fox through the harsh icy world of northern Alaska, it can be played in local co-op mode and includes multiple insightful video clips that complement and enrich the story of the game. Have a look and enjoy both the game and the story!


Closure is a beautifully done puzzle-platform game packed with riddles and an urge to stay in the light. Fighting your way from door to door, you’ll have to prevent various little figures from falling into the void.

This game was extreme fun and hard to put down in between, so I can only recommend it :)


Creaks is yet another fantastic game by Amanita Design, were you have to guide an unnamed figure through a maze of beautifully drawn and animated riddles, full of a variety of characters, some more afraid of light than others. In this 2D puzzle-platform game you follow a story told without words trying to find your way out of the maze and help new friends.

It’s been extremely fun and I can only recommend!