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Chuchel is another fun little point-and-click adventure / puzzle-solving game by Amanita Design. It this treat of a game, you have to help dear little Chuchel – a small I-don’t-know-what-it-is little creature – to retrieve a cherry in a total 30 fun levels/riddles.

As most Amanita Design games, I can only recommend this little beauty, at least for some short-term entertainment in between ;)

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a fun puzzle-platform video game where you (Max) have to rescue your little brother Felix (after you have wished him away) from a weird little world full of riddles, monsters and the evil lord Mustacho by manipulating your surroundings using a truly magical marker. It’s been great fun and I can certainly recommend it …


Candle is a beautiful 2D puzzle-platform adventure with lots of challenges and puzzles to solve while guiding little Teku through his adventure to rescue his tribe’s shaman.
Candle paired lovely drawings and level design with a lovely story, all in all making it a great game I can only recommend.

IPPOG Meeting in Sofia

This week I had the pleasure to have been invited to the 25th IPPOG Meeting in Sofia, in fact to talk about Munich Quantum Valley and quantum-computing in general in a quantum-computing panel discussion.

It was a pleasure to reconnect to my former colleagues and discuss what is my new job now with them.
Besides that, Netzwerk Teilchenwelt also presented the ALICE LEGO project I cohosted recently and the Particle Twister game I codeveloped :)

Shift Happens

Shift Happens is a nice little 2D puzzle-platform game, mainly focused on its two-player coop mode. The graphics is quite basic here and there, but the gameplay and the challenges are indeed quite different and make it lots of fun to play (both in single-player and coop mode).