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VideoConf Games

Over the past couple of months I have hosted a few online game nights via various video conferencing tools …

Here’s a few examples of online (video) platforms I have used ..

And here’s a few of the games we’ve played ..

Let me know if have tried any other (party) games playable with friends online (without everyone having to buy and install a game) …


Today we (this was a family effort) finished playing the forth episode of the Deponia series, a point-and-click adventure in four parts (so far), developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment.

The crazy, wild, bizarre adventures of the two (well, sometimes more) main characters Rufus and Goal required hundreds of puzzles to be solved and included tons of fun stories, ranging from fishing and platypus to hat fashion and time travel.

Certainly great fun and an enjoyable reminder of the good old times with classics like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, Legend of Kyrandia, Police Quest and many, many more …

The four episodes are called Deponia, Chaos_on_Deponia, Goodbye Deponia and Deponia_Doomsday, and you can get the complete story e.g. on Steam.

Highly recommended :)

Jackbox Games

In these special times during the COVID-19 pandemic and while staying at home and practicing social distancing day and night, I thought about having an online game night with friends and remembered the good old classic You Don’t Know Jack game I had on my PC ages ago.

Turns out, I actually bought a few Jackbox Party Packs and some other Jackbox Games via HumbleBundle over the years and I just completed my Steam collection via a special offer on Green Man Gaming.

So I wanted to give a quick run-down on which games there are, which one I/we like most and what worked well for us.

Jackbox Games actually released a tutorial page on how to play their games with remote friends. Somehow Twitch and Youtube don’t (yet) work well for me, but both Skype and Zoom did a fine job (despite the sound coming through the mic together with my speech).
Also they have some games on sale, or even for free, right now on Steam and elsewhere.

For all games you need one computer running the games and a (mobile) device with a browser for each player. That’s it. And while the number of players is limited, many of the games allow for an almost unlimited number of spectators (audience), which can still take part as an extended jury.

If you feel like playing a bit, just ping me directly on Steam or elsewhere ;)

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Looks like I actually had some vacation during and between the holidays :)
I got my new 16″ MacBook just before Christmas and finally some time to play a (computer) game I had on my list for ages: FEZ.
It’s a beautiful, multifaceted, tricky, creative, crazy fantastic puzzle skill game done by Polytron I bought in a Humble Bundle quite some time ago.
Certainly one of the best games I have played so far ..
and I’ve played quite a a few (in the past).

Finally having a graphics card again (was broken on my 2010 MacBook), I might try a few more games from my (waiting) list .