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And Yet It Moves

And Yet It Moves is a tricky little puzzle-platform game with a very interesting game concept and lot’s of great – and sometimes annoying – challenges to solve.
In the game you have to guide an anonymous fella through a seemingly paper-cut world, but either walking and jumping or by rotating the whole world, yet keeping in mind always-present gravity and – even more important – momentum conservation.
AYIM dates back already to 2010, but it’s still lots of fun to play .. definitely a recommendation.

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is a fun little puzzle / hide-and-seek game for in between and great for younger kids too. Fun little story, lots of nice drawings and animations, side stories and hidden treasures in this adventure. Kind of a gamified ‘Where’s Wally’/’Wimmelbuch’ experience that’s certainly fun.

The Cave

The Cave is yet another Double Fine masterpiece created by Ron Gilbert. Even though I had this game since February 2013, I just got it out again to experience some of the alternate storyline and enjoy it once again.

In this extremely beautiful and fun game you have to guide three out of a pool of seven possible different characters through a talking cave. Yes, a talking cave. Nice gameplay, a great story – well seven, well fourteen stories in fact – lot’s of hidden gems, jokes and word plays .. as one is used to for Double Fine games :)

Certainly a recommendation!!!


Pilgrims is yet another beauty by Amanita Design. In this great little point-and-click adventure game you have to guide an adventurer and some fellow travellers through several quests all set in a mediaeval-looking world. Once again, it’s beautifully drawn and outlined and comes with an interesting user interface as well as various different storylines to end the game.

Certainly a big recommendation for anyone that loves adventure games!!