We had Christmas dinner at work yesterday … more than two kilograms of cheese (Appenzeller, Gruyère, Emmental and an old Tyrol cheese) in seven different kinds of cheese fondue (Appenzeller, Gruyère, Tyrol, tomato mixed, spring onion mixed, bacon mixed, chives mixed; and yes, I know it’s eight caquelons) for about 40 group members. Certainly an experience … from shopping, over preparation, to the dinner itself :)

A bit of nostalgia –
W-boson mass

Today Maarten Boonekamp, whom I had the pleasure to work with for my master thesis, presented the latest update on the measurement of the W-boson mass with ATLAS. In fact a subject I wrote part of thesis about and had my name on a physics paper for the first time. Not yet the precision predicted in the paper, but it’s also not yet the stats and certainly not the centre-of-mass energy assumed therein. Yet it’s a competitive measurement (80.370 GeV ± 0.019 GeV) in full agreement with the Standard Model.

A conference note will be published today and a paper is to follow soon.