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Hiking in the snow

It’s been two nice days of hiking in the Jura and the Alpes … we almost made it to Reculet near Thoiry (Jura mountains) and all the way up to La Laitemaire (Alpes) … in both cases the snow was our biggest enemy. For the latter tour we couldn’t even find the track on the way down … and due to the loose hip-high snow we ended up sliding down snowfields, crossing avalanche fields and walking in ankle deep mud … hmm!
Nice experience and definitely a good test for our new shoes ;)
The picture is from the Reculet Thoiry hike (one of the nice parts without snow).

Fleamarket, Gimbap, Champagne Party and the Jura Mountains

After starting into the weekend with some very nice and tough badminton matches, some Orangina drinking and almost last tram missing, I continued on Saturday with the Plains Palais fleamarket, some troubles to go through to get a drill that has a hammer/action, Korean Gimbap selfmade with my flatmates and a Champagne Party at Troels’ place … almost won the music quiz with my team and went home kind a late.
Still today I woke up fairly early and was convinced to go for a hike in the Jura mountains … unfortunately the bowling that was supposed to give this weekend the proper close, wasn’t at all as good as the mountains … the lanes were quite shitty and they had this cosmic bowling thingy going on … man!