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Honour & Glory

This  year’s UEFA European Championship is finally over … and … we have a winner!

Congratulations to Lea for a fabulous victory!

Congratulations also to Bernd K. and Janine for the ranks, especially to Janine who was in the lead for almost half of the championship. I can only repeat what I already said after the group stage: quite an impressive show by some of you.

Down below is the final overview on player points/ranks.
As usual, you find all the details (schedulestandingsmatchboards, yes there’s multiple; scoreboard; and alternative counting) in the Honour & Glory section.


Honour & Glory

It’s time for this year’s (major) Honour & Glory event – EURO2016 is starting in a few days!

Remember to check your account and place your bets before the matches start!
The bets and some stats and plots will be visible right after kickoff and I’ll do my best to put in results quickly.

Looking forwards to another exiting (betting) event!
Let’s see who’s going to make this time … newbee or someone with history ;)

Back again

Finally I am back in Copenhagen and online…

Horrible Internet connection/availability in Strasbourg… anyway!
The school was nice… even though it can’t reach the CERN one… also due to the lack of PPJB

btw I met some people from CERN during the school, like Susanne (GER), Laura (GER) and of course Katrin (DK)…

I managed to get all the stats for the World Cup Gamble done and now I am just waiting for the winners to get their prizes… ;-) Congrats to Shaun, Heike, Katrin and hansaspieler!

Now I am fighting myself through a big pile of emails in my accounts from the last two weeks…
damit… being offline really stinks… how can people manage?
Somehow I get the fealing I am an Internet addict?! nevermind… could be worse!

Now I need some sleep…
Bis den