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Honour & Glory –2022 FIFA World Cup

While the 2022 FIFA World Cup ended in a thrilling final between Argentina and France and the winner was uncertain until the very end, the winner of this year’s H&G World Cup betting game was already decided in the small final between Croatia and Morocco.
So congratulations to both Argentina and Troels for winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup ;)

The second and especially the third place in H&G, on the other hand, were exciting and undecided till the very end. Congratulations to Katrin and Lea, securing second and third place in the end.

The trophies – this time in a special human-rights edition – will soon find their way to all winners.

You can find all the stats and standings here (also a scoreboard, if you prefer) and also the football all-time stats have been updated.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and see you next time …

Honour & Glory – UEFA 2022

The 2022 UEFA Women’s Championship is over and the prizes just arrived and are ready to find their way to the winners.

Congratulations to team England, Troels, Lea and Michael!!

It was a close call for the first place at the end.

You can find all the stats and standing here (also a scoreboard, if you prefer). And obviously this also changes the football all-time stats.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and see you in November for the 2022 FIFA World Cup H&G event.

Honour & Glory

It’s time for this year’s (major) Honour & Glory event – FIFA2018 is starting in a few days!

Remember to check your account and place your bets before the matches start!
The bets and some stats and plots (match board, score board) will be visible right after kickoff and I’ll do my best to put in results quickly.

Looking forwards to another exiting (betting) event!
Let’s see who’s going to make this time … newbie or someone with history ;)

Honour & Glory

This  year’s UEFA European Championship is finally over … and … we have a winner!

Congratulations to Lea for a fabulous victory!

Congratulations also to Bernd K. and Janine for the ranks, especially to Janine who was in the lead for almost half of the championship. I can only repeat what I already said after the group stage: quite an impressive show by some of you.

Down below is the final overview on player points/ranks.
As usual, you find all the details (schedulestandingsmatchboards, yes there’s multiple; scoreboard; and alternative counting) in the Honour & Glory section.