Honour & Glory – 2022 FIFA World Cup

While the 2022 FIFA World Cup ended in a thrilling final between Argentina and France and the winner was uncertain until the very end, the winner of this year’s H&G World Cup betting game was already decided in the small final between Croatia and Morocco.
So congratulations to both Argentina and Troels for winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup ;)

The second and especially the third place in H&G, on the other hand, were exciting and undecided till the very end. Congratulations to Katrin and Lea, securing second and third place in the end.

The trophies – this time in a special human-rights edition – will soon find their way to all winners.

You can find all the stats and standings here (also a scoreboard, if you prefer) and also the football all-time stats have been updated.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and see you next time …