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Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is an absolutely beautiful and fantastic, scary, little puzzle-platform horror adventure game. Set on what looks like a strange ship, inhabited by even stranger creatures, in the main game you have to guide a litte girl in a yellow raincoat through numerous puzzles and races. The adorably crafted levels are filled with a fitting and scary soundscape and can be lit up with a lighter.
In the three available DLCs, you then guide a little boy through sometimes the same, sometimes even more scary parts of apparently the same vessel, solving even more difficult puzzles.

It’s been an absolute delight playing this game and I very much look forward to playing part two soon …


Candleman is a 3D puzzle-platform game where you have to guide a little candle(man) – who would have guessed – through a beautifully prepared dark maze, solve puzzles here and there and find and light up other candles. Another mostly very calm game with an interesting gameplay and a nicely drawn-up world to explore.

It’s certainly been fun to guide the little man through the in total twelve main chapters …


Still an early-access game, Seen is a nice little puzzle-platform game where you have to help a lonely kid to escape his dark world. In a mixed mode of runner-like and jump’n’run sections, you have to solve a few (not to tricky) puzzles and can try to find some of the quite tricky to find some of the vast number of achievements in the game.

Anyways, it’s been fun and worth having a look …