Lots of things I like to do in the little spare time I have …

  • Archery
  • Coding – not just part of my job, also projects like RaspuinoDart, SplitBill or Squares
  • Computer games – preferentially the good old classics and independent games
  • Collecting bits of computer hardware – from Robotron, Schneider and my first IBM compatible to more recent stuff
  • Consecutive Number Plate Spotting – just have a look ;)
  • Cooking and eating good food
  • GeoCaching – gets me places I would never go otherwise :)
  • Hiking
  • LEGO, from Duplo to Technics, from casual building to physics outreach models
  • Parlor/board games – things like Carcassonne or Cartan … and sometime I make my own, like Particle Twister
  • Photography – here and there a snapshot, once in a while something elaborated
  • Sports – badminton, billiards, bowling, climbing, darts, football, golf, volleyball .. anything goes
  • Travelling – getting out and see the world