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Goodbyes, Zurich, art and spatial separation

Another week(end) is over… After a very nice italian dinner (last Wednesday) behind the CERN hostel, arranged by all the italian summer students, we had another GoogByeParty on Friday (greetz to Katrine & Mark) making people drown in sad mood and alcohol… nevermind.
I went ot bed early since we wanted to go to Zurich on Saturday… and so we (me and 4 sleepy people) did. In Zurich, which is btw a very nice city, we enjoyed and created art (can be found in the gallery) and joined a party in the National Museum of Switzerland.
Besides all that… I also had to experience the spatial separation (not to say loss) of my “siamese” friend… (May the Boogie be with you! Shaun – I’ll be back!)

Shy mountain and olympic city

This weekend we made a trip to Chamonix (FR) to visit the beautiful valley and the Big Old Mont Blanc. Unfortunately this big old guy is a little shy, so we’re not hundred per cent sure whether we saw him or not… cause he was hiding in a big fat cloud. Bast…! Anyway!
We probably had the highest funny french lunch break including a Skat session ever done!? Sitting at the Aiguille du Midi at 3842m… yeah, rock on! Spending half the day waiting for the big guy to show up an playing cards at this altitude we all suffered quite a bit…
On sunday I went to the olympic city of Lausanne, at the north shore of the lake, enjoying some more oxygen filled air down at the “beach”… which was actually no beach, but anyway!