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Three months

Time is running away … now it’s already been three months since the little one entered our life. And what should I say, it’s been a fantastic time so far … all of us are still learning something new every day. Recently Erik did his first front-to-back roll-over and he more and more grabbing and holding things. And with about 5700 g it’s also almost too late to call him the little one ;)


… is not just the ultimate answer, it is by now also the age (in days) of my little son Erik.

Time enough for another resume / status quo report.

It is only 42 days, but they seem to have passed in seconds. By now the little one has grown about four centimetres and gained roughly 20 percent relative to his birth weight. But the best is, he is fine and started interacting with us and the surrounding quite a lot and in a less random way. Still arms and legs seem to have a bit of a life of their own sometimes.

Quite often we a still baffled about what he is trying to tell us. But so far we have always found an agreement sooner or later.

The story continues :)

Three weeks dad …

… and it’s great!

After some initial trouble we finally got settled at home and started a normal life in the last week. Until today, Erik has had all his grand parents and already a few friends visiting and admiring, his first bath at home, his first official letter sent to him and thousands of other things to experience … and so did I!

From being peed on, over common naps, to long nights without sleep …
I’ve had and loved my share and am looking for more :)


Almost forgot to write a blog entry about recent developments … though there were quite some!
But the recent developments kept me a bit busy.

January 31st my son Erik was born :)

Everything is well and he’s already looking around exploring the world.

And today he also pissed on my for the first time … :|
Oh, it’s going to be a great time :)