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Noma …

… is the name of the restaurant that has been rated “The World’s Best” both in 2010 and 2011, located in the Copenhagen Harbour.

In addition it is the restaurant that Heike and me got invited to by my family for both our 30th birthdays. And after finally getting a table and a three months waiting time we finally had our evening yesterday. Actually we happend to have a night! I reserved the table for 19h30 and we left the place at about 0h30 in the night.

And what should I say it was certainly an extraordinary experience!

We had in total 24 dishes and nine different juices (as we decided to go for the non-alcoholic menu). Eleven starters along with a red apple juice like nothing we’ve ever tasted, before we were even asked for our choice of menu and drinks for the night. The actual twelve-course menu spread from “Fallen Apple” over “Onions and thyme” and “The hen and the egg” to “Walnut and berries”.  An in case you wonder about my math … we got an extra dish as we expressed slight dislike towards one of the dishes :)

In general, I have to say that not just in variety of food and ideas, but also in our personal like/dislike in taste we had a wide spread. Most of the dishes were extremely surprising and great, but as usual one doesn’t like everything. That’s the good thing about having a lot of dishes …

As a final judgement I guess I have to say that it has been a once in a life-time evening … meaning that I am very happy we did it, but I am not sure if I would spend that kinda money again.

The eleven starters

  • Malt flatbread and juniper (it was actually already in our table flower pot from the beginning)
  • Nasturtium and snail (a snail in an eatable flower)
  • (fried moss served on a moss plate)
  • Leek and seaweed butter (fried leek root stuffed with seaweed)
  • Blue mussel (blue mussels served with a dressing in an eatable shell)
  • Crispy pork and black current
  • Fjord shrimp and browned butter (to be eaten on ice and alive)
  • Rye bread, chicken skin, peas and lovage (kind of a toast with fried chicken skin)
  • Pickled and smoked quails egg
  • Radish, soil and grass (selection of radish in a cream bread crumb dressing looking like soil)
  • Toast, herbs, smoked cod roe and vinegar
The twelve + 1 menu dishes
  • Apple and Jerusalem artichoke, Garden sorrel and coriander (an apple looking like fallen of a tree in a coriander sauce)
  • Scallop and grains, watercress and beech nut (boiled de-hydrated scallop along with other things)
  • Stone crab and seaweed, beach mustard and rape seed
  • Vegetable and butter milk (salad like dish, with local vegetables)
  • Onion and thyme, goose berry juice (fried onions with thyme in a goose berry juice)
  • Cabbage and fresh cheese (salad like dish with a self-made cheese)
  • Celeriac and truffels (slowly fried knob celery with a crust along with truffels)
  • The hen and the egg (a fry-it-yourself egg sunny side up with herbs and a potato chip)
  • Beef cheeks, wild mushrooms and greens from the hedgerow
  • “Gammel dansk” and wood sorrel (sorrel with traditional danish schnaps)
  • Pear tree!  (???)
  • Rhubard and juniper
  • Walnut and berries (walnut ice cream, walnut foam with frozen berries dust)
The drinks
  • Red apple
  • Sorrel
  • Apple and pine
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Sea buckthorn
  • Lingonberry
  • Pear and verbena
  • Elderflower
I’ll upload some pictures to my gallery later …

MAD Foodcamp Copenhagen 2011

I just came back from this year’s MAD Foodcamp Copenhagen, the festival for more crazy food.

Interesting little fair kinda thing, with lots of little stands presenting various kinds of food and drinks. Unfortunately the weather was kinda crazy as well and strangely enough the organisers seemingly haven’t prepared for that (here in Copenhagen???).

Anyway I had some woodruff- potato-English-cream-nitrogen ice cream; made my own self made Danish bon fire wok dish; and ate a few more appetisers.

Unfortunately the amount of information one could get at some of the stands was close to zero …
so it’s a really nice idea, that still could be improved a lot and possibly really nice on a sunny day :(

Smokey Joe got a place in the sun

To be slightly more specific: Smokey Joe got a place on our balcony, replacing its predecessor Electric Joe.
And to be fully specific: the new Joe is our new portable charcoal BBQ, from now on doing the grilling job on the balcony (in the new apartment we are actually allowed to use it there) and in the parks.
Hmm … I am looking forward to some serious BBQing with this guy …

Smokey Joe is a registered trademark of Weber (also source of the image).