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New Office

Finally we managed to get into our new “ATLAS TopOffice” in one of the old villas at DESY Zeuthen with an even nicer view on the lake than I had before :-)
Besides this inprovement we also got new computers and screens and everything … wooow!
Unfortunately I still have to do work there ;-)

German bureaucracy and the trouble about my badminton class

I just got some incredibly stupid piece of information…
As some of you might know I was/am struggling to set up my badminton class, after coming back to Berlin… to remind you, this happened in March!

Well… here’s the whole story wrapped up:

  1. some stupid janitor removed all the barriers I put in front of the fire exit, that were supposed to prevent even more stupid people to get into the gym
  2. some even more stupid people now found their way into the gym (how did that happen?) and put up a fire in it…
  3. some very surprised bureaucrats decided to take down the gym
  4. again some bureaucrats go surprised, this time because they found out that they actually had an insurance that would cover all that sh**
  5. the gym got reconstructed, reopened and closed just one day after, due to some broken water pipe now flooding the gym
  6. again some bureaucrats found out that they actually have an insurance
  7. the gym got reconstructed again
  8. of course it got reopened as well, but
  9. and that’s the best part: the local government decided that 20 gyms in the area have to be taken down… and guess what!

Is there anyone out there that can explain these kind of things to me?

btw. sorry to all badminton fans out there, but I am trying hard to set things up again… but you have wait some more days!

The Top of Phyics (now even with a contract)

Yeeha… 5mins ago I finally recieved my contract!
Now the work that already started a week (or four) ago is official!
I am a member of the old and honourable DESY community…
and I’ll be working on the top of physics… or top-physics ;-)

For all non-physicists: it’s just another particle that you don’t know (and care) about ;-)

Well… let’s roll!


Here we go… its my first day as a payed employee at DESY-Zeuthen!
In some way also the first day of my PhD time here.

I got a desk with a view on “Lake Zeuthen”… but this might change after a some time…
and of course I am thinking about rearranging the desks in my office anyway (as always in new offices)…

Well now I got to work…
btw the map shows my location (also on Google-Maps)… I’ll post some pictures later on!