Amazon Rainforest

We just returned to Cusco from our three days in the rainforest. We flew out to Puerto Maldonado and from there to a little boat upstream along the Rio Tambopata to the Cayman Lodge in the middle of nowhere. Four hours that already gave us a little impression of things to come. Caymans and other animals along the river banks. The first evening we had a little night walk through the jungle, seeing spiders (from small ones to a hand size tarantula), birds and other creatures of the night. Next day we started out for a longer jungle hike including a bit in a kanu on a lake. Besides thousands of different plants, we saw hundereds of birds, spiders, ants, monkeys and more. Back at the lodge we had great food once more and finished the day on the river after dusk to look for Caymans again. You can see the reflections of the red eyes in the dark. Really amazing the Amazon.