IMG_20140801_110230Today, I changed the license plates of my old and new Hyundai from Berlin plates to Munich plates. I had to destroy the  Berlin Bear seal on my old plates myself. An emotionally moving moment, which the Bavarian clerk did not fully grasp. She tried to calm me down by offering me the Münchner Kindl as substitute, but as you can see, she failed to know their own seals. It ended up to be the lesser coat of arms of Bavaria. Well … in her defence, the Kindl ended up sitting in one of the papers I got , but still.

In the end, I have to say that I was quite impressed by the efficiency of my visit at the authorities. Despite the waiting time (57 people in front of us and today no advantage in bringing the your little son), the whole procedure, including office work, payments and pressing/printing the new plates only took 20 minutes. The fact that we jumped on the wrong train afterwards, did probably cost me more time after all.