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It Takes Two

It Takes Two is simply fantastic!
An action-adventure platform game that covers an endless number of different game modes, activities, character capabilities, levels and challenges. It’s been extreme fun to play this in two-player mode, despite the somewhat sad story.

I/we can only recommend this game – including all the mini games. It’s worth every cent.

The First Tree

The First Tree is a very calm third-person exploration adventure where one follows a mother fox as she searches for her lost cubs, yet interleaved with a parallel story about a couple and the man’s father. The control is sometimes a bit clumsy and imprecise, yet the game is a nice relaxing distraction …

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is an absolutely beautiful and fantastic, scary, little puzzle-platform horror adventure game. Set on what looks like a strange ship, inhabited by even stranger creatures, in the main game you have to guide a litte girl in a yellow raincoat through numerous puzzles and races. The adorably crafted levels are filled with a fitting and scary soundscape and can be lit up with a lighter.
In the three available DLCs, you then guide a little boy through sometimes the same, sometimes even more scary parts of apparently the same vessel, solving even more difficult puzzles.

It’s been an absolute delight playing this game and I very much look forward to playing part two soon …


Candleman is a 3D puzzle-platform game where you have to guide a little candle(man) – who would have guessed – through a beautifully prepared dark maze, solve puzzles here and there and find and light up other candles. Another mostly very calm game with an interesting gameplay and a nicely drawn-up world to explore.

It’s certainly been fun to guide the little man through the in total twelve main chapters …