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Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Good question! But I wont tell you the answer!
This very nice book is actually the novel the movie Bladerunner is based on.
Its about a bounty hunter looking for fled androids … its not just science fiction!
Certainly recommendable!

Discworld – Thief of Time

This was actually a quite funny one …
Sometimes even educative and to some extend a matrix predecessor.
Its the last one of the Death novels and also the last Discworld novels for me now for a while. But its been a good end … nice and entertaining!

Discworld – Hogfather

Its time for a book again ;-)
Surprisingly enough its another Terry Pratchett novel about Death, with a capital D.
Once again an amusing story about the old skeleton and his time when he acted in place of the Hogfather (some sort of Santa Claus on the Discworld).
Anyway its a nice novel which as it turns out also exists as a full length movie.

Discworld – Soul Music

Just finished the 3rd book of the Discworld’s Death Novels! Another fine piece of writing by Mister Terry Pratchett. Nice story about Death, his grand-daughter, Music with Rocks In and many more things … another enjoyable one!