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A book, two bottles of wine and my name on Amazon


Today, I received this very nice box with two copies of the book “GoBD und Big Data: Neue Herausforderungen für die digitale Datenanalyse”, two bottles of wine and a kind letter from the Deggendorfer Forum zur digitalen Datenanalyse e.V., to celebrate the publication of the proceedings for the annual meeting I went to end of June.

It’s also a celebration of my first book as an author on Amazon :)

Thanks a lot to Prof. Georg Herde and the DFDDA e.V. for inviting me and of course for the gift box :)

Science & Fiction

Had a bit of both today … after having had a short glimps of the real ATLAS detector I went to see the fiction version of it in the new Angels and Demons movie in theatres.
Quite a contrast I have to say …
But despite the mixed-up science especially in the beginning (featuring actors like ATLAS, CERN, LHC, …) … it is quite a nice movie …
I only fear a little that the outreach committees in particle physics might have a bit more work during the upcoming weeks …
to helps those guys here’s two enlightening links

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Just finished reading George Orwells’ classic dystopian novel describing a dark future under a repressive, totalitarian regime.
Looking at today’s increasing surveillance and restrictions on the rights of the individuals, it’s quite interesting to read this story already published in 1949.
Certainly readable, even though not always entertaining just because of the topic it’s about …

A Clockwork Orange

This time I decided to go for a classic one … A Clockwork Orange!
Nice book by Anthony Burgess about some veck (guy that means) in his youth taking part in some weired rehabilitation program … but I don’t wanna write too much about the actual story … cause its definitely worth reading.
Just to mention that its sometimes a bit hard to read cause of all the slang words used throughout the text.

Predictably irrational

Just finished reading a nice book about the irrational behaviour of humans. A collection of strange/funny/interesting things people do even if they do not want to or would not think of doing in the first place … anyway, its a nice book also introducing a lot of experiments that have been carried out (mostly on MIT students) to test these behaviours.
Its called: “Predictably irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions”.