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My new baby!

As every Sunday I went to the bowling lanes today.
But this time I brought my new baby!
Its got nice curves, roughly twelve labs, a serial number and goes by the name of T-Zone, Brunswick.
But enough jokes … my new bowling ball (incl. bag and extra equipment) is one piece of the fine selection of presents I got for my birthday, roughly a week ago. I went to the store yesterday and today I gave it a first shot in four games with an average of 166.75 points.
With only about a quarter of a point under this year’s average its been a good start.
Looking forward for more :-)

Thanks to all the ones taking part in this present!
And of course also big thanks to all the others for their presents!

New Personal Bowling Record

Even though or probably just because the weekend was kind of exhausting and didn’t offer a lot of sleep I managed to bowl a new all-time personal record.
In an amazing 9-strike game only interrupted by two very stupid open frames I made incredible 241 (in words: two hundred fourty one) points. Not being totally able to realise I increased my previous record of 222 points by almost nine percent!
With another friend increasing her record (greetz to Janine) and a personal daily average of 197 (191, 178, 241, 178) this was kind of a good evening for us :-)

Bowling stats to be found here :-)