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Scientific aliens

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I finally got my name on a peer-reviewed psychology publication … check on bucket list :)
Orthographic learning in children with isolated and combined reading and spelling deficits” by Heike Mehlhase, Sarolta Bakos, Karin Landerl, Gerd Schulte-Körne & Kristina Moll

To be fair, it’s only in the Acknowledgments section of one of Heike’s recent papers …
but you gonna have to start somewhere!

Thanks to Sascha Mehlhase for designing the aliens for the associate learning phase […].

Synthetic Life

Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome” is the title of my current publication of the month. In the recently released paper, the transplantaion of a digitised genome sequence into a bacteria, resulting in the creation of mycoides carrying only this artificial DNA, is described.
As usual the reference can be found on my webpage.

As I missed to put the May issue online … here’s that as well:
Regression of advanced rat and human gliomas by local or systemic treatment with oncolytic parvovirus H-1 in rat models” reports on rat models testing a virus, harmless to healthy human cells but efficient in killing certain tumor cells.
And again the reference can be found on my webpage.

Enjoy reading!

Publication of the Month

On request I started posting additions to my publication-of-the-month list on this blog. Not that it wouldn’t be obvious when to expect a monthly contribution, but … you know … just the little reminder we sometimes need. Maybe even some feedback … who know!?

This month’s publication is about developments on automatic topic suggestion systems for blog authors. “Inspired by the Audience – A Topic Suggestion System for Blog Writers and Readers” by W. Geyer and C. Dugan from IBM, Cambridge, MA.

As usual this and all previous publications can be found in the publication of the month section of my website (and much easier if you log in).