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Our special May 1st

Today Heike and me had our first anniversary as a married couple.

After an easy Sunday morning start, we drove up the eastern coast of Sealand and spent the whole day, including brunch and coffee, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. They had a very nice lunch buffet and besides the common exhibitions a special on Pablo Picasso (Peace and Freedom) and on David Hockney (Me Draw on iPad) amongst others. We finished the visit with muffins, brownies and some chillin’ by the beach.

All in all a beautiful day to celebrate a very nice first year … love you!

btw. thanks to all that sent mails/messages/letters!

Big day preparations … [3rd update]

The current version of the to-do list looks as follows:

  • Party location – done
  • Send out invitations – done
  • Bride’s dress – done (shoes missing though)
  • Bridegroom’s suit – done
  • Brunch location – done
  • Photographer – done
  • Buffet selection – done
  • Drinks selection – done
  • Wine selection – done
  • Reception – done
  • Wedding cake – done
  • Cake list – done [<- Update Mar 2nd]
  • Music selection (input from guests needed) – OPEN
  • Bride’s bouquet – OPEN
  • Engraving of rings – OPEN
  • Table decoration – done [<- Update Mar 1st]
  • Seating plan – OPEN

Next step towards a big day … [Update]

… is what I did today … I just came back from a long tour through Berlin that finally ended in Karstadt (Müllerstraße, Berlin) with a nice suit, shoes, shirt and more! In case one of you needs things of this kind, you might wanna consider this place … very nice and competent staff and apparently the right collection. And I think that Heike found her dress today as well :)
[Update Jan 26th] And the brunch place is booked as well since today! [/Update]

Back home …

We actually returned last Wednesday already, but since we left again for the weekend (another wedding party) I only slowly start to feel back home again …
For those that haven’t followed the blog in detail, here’s the very short sum-up of the tour: it was simply amazing and Heike and me became engaged! Yeps!