CineDay, URP and B40camp

Since I’m to tired to work I decided to blog a bit about yesterday and the last night… After another day of beeing to lazy to do some real work (and actually not knowing what to do) I read some papers and slides in Shaun’s office (which is the cafeteria)… Later we watched Mulholland Drive, since it was Thursday, which means CineDay.
And that strange movie was the beginning of a almost equally odd evening/night… After coming back from the movie we found an empty restaurant one (whoch is very strange, for those who don’t know it) and a bit later some people gathering in/at a roundabout listening to music broadcasted by a parked car. Being absolutely delighted by that idea we joined the URP (unofficial-roundabout-party) and got the idea of going even one step further… Which made us ending up on the roof of building 40 to spend the night there…

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