After treading water for a too long time, I finally made up my mind and came to a decision concerning my (near) future! I guess it probably was the hardest I ever had to take.

Not to put you on the rack for too long…
its not Copenhagen,
its not Paris,
its not Freiburg,

Right! I’m gonna stay in Berlin for (at least) the next three years! It was a tough decision and took a while to be made.
Anyway… now I’m gonna do my Ph.D. at Humboldt-University of Berlin and DESY Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron in Zeuthen.
It will be about top-quark physics and data-quality monitoring using the higher-level-trigger of ATLAS.

And since this is not enough!
I’m also moving, since we already cancelled our old apartment, due to the fact that I would end up in Freiburg according to the original plan.
The new apartment, located in Berlin-Friedrichshain, will of course be opened with a little house-warming party… I’ll give more details!