DFS Meeting

It’s a little bit late… but anyway!
As some of you might know, I was on a meeting of the Danish Society of Physics (DFS) in Nyborg/DK from Thursday to Friday. Unfortunately only two days… it was just awesome.
We stayed in the Nyborg Strand Hotel having a full 4 star service and some intresting talks and posters by physicists from all of Denmark. Which means it was not just enjoying the multiple serving meals and the little snacks in between, it was also some serious physics from geophysics up to biophysics, unfortunately no elementary particle physics…
Anyway it was nice having a room with ocean-view seeing the big bridge connecting Fyn and Sealand and so on… I can just recommend it…

I have to thank J.D. Hansen at the NBI for making this possible (which is not normal for non-danes/non-members).