First training session

We just returned from our first elevation training session. We spent the last two days in and around the Colca Canyon. Going from Arequipa to Chivay (the capital of the Colca district) we had to go via a 4910m high pass. Even though we prepared by driking coca tea and chewing coca leaves we still had headaces and some of us (not me) even had to … well nevermind. The landscape was amazing though. After a short nap we managed to have a little walk and went to the hot springs of Chivay (roughly 40 degrees). The night was short and thanks to the heaters very warm.
Today we started at six (with just a little headace left) to be on time for the condor parade. We drove along the valley and into the canyon. Apparently the highest in the world when measuring from the bottom to the peaks of the surrounding mountains. After various amazing views on the pre-Inca and Inca terasses we arrived at the Condor´s Cross. And it was amazing. The condors just started out using the rising winds created by the first sun beams. From wing tip to wing tip they have up to four meters. We probably shot a hundred pictures and had another short walk.
On the way back to Arequipa we tried some more of the Peruvian cuisine.
Passig the pass again, this whole trip was a first training and impression of things to come … the Inca Trail.