First two weeks – a sum-up

Now it’s already two weeks since I’m here… in heaven.
And what have I done…? The first week was pretty calm… meaning that I couldn’t really get started because of some administration stuff. But since last Wednesday the real life started.
Usually I have three lectures a day from 9am to 12am and I start doing the real work until around 6pm.
Concerning the social life… summerschool just rules!
We have something alsmost every day/night… pubquiz, toga-party, hiking-tour, football-tournament, …
I had some great fun teaching Skat (a german card-game) to Kiwis and others…
Today my supervisor from Copenhagen arrived and we had a little meeting… where he just decided that I’ll have another little presentation next week… grant!
Anyway… yesterday I was having dinner together with my sister in one of the best places I’ve ever been… we had a big piece of raw beaf on our board and a small flame to grill it ourselves…
In addition to that we could see Geneva and the Mont Blanc out of the restaurant’s windows… quality!
Regarding CERN I actually havn’t seen that many of the really cool places because I’m still waiting for guides and/or access. But the place itself is an adventure… yeah!

btw my room/appartment is very nice… but still, I’m not using it, because I’m hardly there…
actually only to sleep. anyway!

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