It is over – first step in the LEGO review

After only about 16 days and with the help of many people I managed to pass the threshold of the required 10,000 supporter yesterday. I tracked the number of supporters over time shown in the plot below and I have to say it’s quite an impressive curve :)

But it’s only the beginning, now starts the real interesting part, the LEGO review. Even though the idea made the first step, it’s not yet certain that the model will be available as a product in the end. So let’s cross fingers and see what LEGO has to say about it. In fact, LEGO just posted their first official comment on the project on the ATLAS mini model Cuusoo page.

At this point I also wanna thank a few supporters that spread word and helped in this success. Most importantly that is Elise from I fucking love science, but there were also Torben at Ingeniøren, the guys from symmetry magazine and University Post, and many many more.