My corona live life blog

Given the certainly very unique situation caused by the current corona pandemic, I decided to set up a little live blog to document the next couple of weeks representing a mixtures of home office, home schooling, home day care and whatever is yet to come …

First of all, for those of you that are still wondering about the why, here is two interesting reads: Tomas Pueyo at and Harry Stevens at

In the following live life blog, I’ll focus on a few specific, mostly non-work, activities whenever something comes up …

Managed to publish a 360 tour of the ATLAS Experiment I already recorded before the whole pandemic thing
I kind of gave up and got too busy ‘balancing’ home schooling, home kinder garden’ing and ‘home office’ing’ …
Still working on some new #StayAtHome ATLAS Experiment material as part of my ‘home office’ work.
PubQuiz replacement nights playing Jackbox Games (see my post about it) became a tradition already ;)
Quite a few days of what is now business as usual.
Made a stop-motion video of the construction of an ATLAS micro LEGO model. (27 March)
Had a first LMU HEP online PubQuiz replacement night playing JackBoxGames. (26 March)
Starting on some projects/activities that combine childcare and some part of my work for the ATLAS Collaboration. So something to look forward to. (24 March)
Working on virtual 360 ATLAS tour using Google Expeditions. (23 March)
First day of first-level curfew in Bavaria. Playing new board games and finishing with a Contagion movie night. (21 March)
Starting a new social media campaign for ATLAS’ and other #PhysicistsAtHome with ATLAS. (20 March)
The kids went out for a run again this morning and just after 10am they joined the ALBA Berlin online sport lesson and in the afternoon they had video-conference guitar lessons. I started a Build Your Own Particle Detector at HOME competition for people to join from home and on the ATLAS side we started advertising some of our edu-tainment material. More things will follow soon.
Ending the day with a live concerts of #UnitedWeStream (WWW). (18 March)
We had our first socially distanced You Don’t Know Jack online offline-game night using screen sharing. And it was a success :)
Only afterwards I found / as possibly easier alternatives. (17 March)
First day of home-schooling-office, or is it home-office-schooling?
School and pre-school in the Kitchen started at 9am today .. unfortunately it seems that most online resources, like Anton (German learning app), are not (yet) ready for the demand they seem to get.
Working on some ATLAS- and particle-physics-related online resources myself. (16 March)
Despite the current situation we still had elections in Bavaria and we made a first home-schooling timetable for the coming week(s) today. (15 March)