Photo Half Marathon

Today was another of these supposed to be relaxing Sundays, which didn’t work out exactly as expected … well, we took part in a Photo Half Marathon organised by friends!
The task is to shoot pictures on twelve topics (also following one major topic) in about six hours.
The topics where handed out in three groups of four with two hours in between and at different places in Berlin. Which made the whole thing a bit stressful sometimes … and we paid our teamname (“Auf den letzten Drücker”/”In the last moment”) tribute by showing up last on all checkpoints :-)

The topics where following German advertising slogans (therefore translating doesn’t make much sense), whereas the brands in parenthesis where not given and the overall topic was “Powered by Emotion” (another advertising slogan, SAT1) :

  1. Du bist Deutschland (Bundesregierung)
  2. Wer hat’s erfunden? (Ricola)
  3. Isch habe gar keine Auto! (Nescafe)
  4. Eine Perle der Natur (Krombacher)
  5. Bin ich schon drin? (AOL)
  6. Weil ich es mir Wert bin (L’Oreal)
  7. Medizin deines Lebens (Asperin)
  8. Ist der neu? (Perwoll)
  9. Nicht nur sauber sondern rein (Ariel)
  10. Auf diese Steine können Sie bauen (Schwäbisch Hall)
  11. Wohnst du noch oder lebst du schon? (IKEA)
  12. Zukunft bewegen (Deutsche Bahn)

Thanks and Cheers to the organisers
In case we win ;-) pictures will follow!