Pub quiz, waste and ballet

… that’s last week in very short words.

In more details, this mean that last Thursday “Non Trivial” (this week’s team name) made first place at The Globe pub quiz, even though there was a European Sing Contest section which we failed miserably. Apparently the other 25 teams did so as well ;)

On Saturday we went on a tour through the local ARC incineration plant, as part of the Danmarks International Region days. I got a tour through the plant following the waste. Sounds weird but was actually quite interesting. In the end we had a look at the construction site of the new plant, Amager Bakke, which is supposed to be ready in 2017.

After some chill-out time at the beach bar of the Copenhagen Cable Club, watching wakeboarders fly and dive, and a bit of geocaching, we rounded of the day with “Romeo’erne og Julie” performed in the incineration plant. It was a very nice mixture of cello and electronic music and both classical dance and Parkour. One even got used to the slight smell of all the waste in the background ;)
The only bad thing about the event was, that there were hardly any people to see this great performance!