Pushing the bricks to the limit

2014-02-17 17-36-19 LEGO ChallengeBesides the usual overload on work during stays at CERN, this week was kinda special. It was about 250.000 pieces of LEGO more special than any other week before.
With the help of more than 20 volunteers (thanks a lot to everyone), I was counting, weighing, sorting and packing pieces in the mornings and late evenings. I guess I only had breakfast and dinner twice this week. Anyways, people are in fact still sorting while I am writing this piece at the Geneva airport.

It’s been quite fun, frustrating, enjoyable, social and many more things at the same time. Unfortunately LEGO decided to send the pieces, for the 23 models I ordered, with a safety margin added after multiplying instead of before. Hmm?!

2014-02-17 17-39-47 LEGO ChallengeIn addition we also miss quite a few pieces, but these are all things to be sorted out next week. And even with the pieces missing for now, I guess we start making institutes happy by end of next week. Once done I will update the by now quite impressive ATLAS model statistics. There will be 59 models out in the open by then. *happy*

I will post a few pictures and prepare a time-lapse movie of the event during the coming days (which I guess will be busy as well *unhappy*).