Tunnels, detectors and bad taste

Finally I got to see some of the cooler things at CERN. Going down the 100m shaft to the LHCb/Delphi detectors, walking through the myon beam tunnel of the COMPASS experiment and seeing this experiment itself, actually gave some touch of reality to the quite theoretical standard model lectures of the last days… (pictures can be found in the gallery). And again it was time for Charly’s on Tuesday (like every week) and another KP (a kitchen parade not held in a kitchen but in a restaurant) called “The Bad Taste Party”… look a the pix and explain it yourself. To add another attraction to the SummerSchool Programm I announced a SKAT (a german card game) competition including teaching lessons for all the newbies that wanna learn the game and join the tournament… I already got my Kiwi-padawan in the game (greetz to Shaun)…yeah!