Welcome to Israel, welcome to Sabbath

Yesterday we (Simon, Troels and me) arrived in Israel for a workshop to come in Haifa on Monday. After a some initial trouble with my hand luggage, which turned out to be 1,5 kg to heavy (the max is 8 kg at Cimber Sterling, ridiculous) and had to be checked in, I had a semi-pleasant four hours flight.

In Tel-Aviv airport we cued for an hour to get passed the border check and tried to get hold of the car we booked just yesterday, creating some confusion as we didn’t which company it would be with (was booked through some broker that hadn’t told us yet). Also we were in need for some food, which turned out quite difficult as everything was closing down at about three in the afternoon … yes, we didn’t know about Sabbath! Though I quickly remembered good old John Goodman from the best movie ever … The Big Lebowsky … nothing goes on Saturdays … and apparently you prepare for nothing goes quite in advance … anyways, also the train and busses in Jerusalem didn’t work, half for the city was locked down … quite an impression. Also the Jewish robes and hats left quite an impression … just like one knows from the movies.

Still we had a little walk, some Jerusalem Kebab (which turned out to be meatballs and sorted salad on a plate), and found some activity in the non-Jewish quarters in the old town.

Today we’ll have a proper city walk/tour and head out for Jericho and the dead sea afterwards …