WIN’09 in Perugia

It’s Sunday and it’s five in the morning. The alarm goes off.
Yeah right, that was the start of my day … and got better. I had a guy sitting next to me o the plane, that seemed to be of pure garlic!? Dunno … I kinda like garlic, but this guy was pushing it. To round off the two hour flight experience I had a group of young(ish) school kids/teens sitting behind me, talking sh** during the whole flight … hmm perfect.
Arriving in Rome I was allowed to witness the most inefficient airport shuttle ever, finally bringing me from Ciampino to the central station, where I had to walk my heels off to get to the station toilet.
Anyways … after this I actually managed to have a short walk around the city, see the Colosseum and some other parts of the Roman Forum. Unfortunately it was raining a bit and I had only three hours time before I had to catch my train.
Arriving in Perugia I was drawn back into the rhythm the day started by the absence of the shuttle bus that was supposed to pick me up and the fact that I had to find and try four public payphones to finally have one that would not say that I am not allowed to pay with coins in the moment …