Working on the Final Cut

I spent the last couple of days working on my Final Cut Pro X skills, preparing some videos for the ICHEP 2020 communication campaign of the ATLAS Collaboration.

We have asked some of our conference speakers, presenting some of the physics highlights of ATLAS during the conference to answer a few questions about their talk and the featured results and put together five video clips to be featured on the ATLAS Facebook page and in shorter teasers on the ATLAS Twitter channel.

Here’s the complete list: “Particles of light scatter in ATLAS“, “Searching for Dark Matter at ATLAS“, “New insight into the Higgs boson“, “Searching for ‘Leptoquarks’” and “The hunt for long-lived particles continues

Just for completeness, though not edited by me, we also prepared a full recap of the conference with Karl Jakobs (ATLAS Spokesperson), which you can find on the ATLAS YouTube channel at

Working on these videos is or will be a good exercise for my next little video project, for you can have a look at a first teaser here …