A Jaunty Jackalope on my Laptop [Update]

I got a Jaunty Jackalope on my laptop since Thursday …
In case you woonder … what the hack? … click the link and get your own new Ubuntu/Kubuntu release ;) … I got myself the one with the extra K!
And by today I actually have almost everything running again … puha!
It’s not always straight forward to do one of these upgrades, but hey …
Jaunty comes with the new KDE4 desktop which seems nice but still freaks me out sometimes, due to the changes compared to KDE3.5.

I had to remove the intgrated Network Management tool by wicd and disable the desktop effects, but otherwise I hope to have solved all issues by now …

In case you want some guidance for the setup, here’s a nice webpage with a lot of information about Jaunty

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