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I just finished my setting up my new LAMP server (Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS).

I decided to go for the good old fashioned by-hand setup instead of the Plesk configuration I used in the recent past. Excuses to all of you who do not understand, by this was on my list for quite some time and since this blog is running on the new server as well, I thought it would be worth a post.

A Jaunty Jackalope on my Laptop [Update]

I got a Jaunty Jackalope on my laptop since Thursday …
In case you woonder … what the hack? … click the link and get your own new Ubuntu/Kubuntu release ;) … I got myself the one with the extra K!
And by today I actually have almost everything running again … puha!
It’s not always straight forward to do one of these upgrades, but hey …
Jaunty comes with the new KDE4 desktop which seems nice but still freaks me out sometimes, due to the changes compared to KDE3.5.

I had to remove the intgrated Network Management tool by wicd and disable the desktop effects, but otherwise I hope to have solved all issues by now …

In case you want some guidance for the setup, here’s a nice webpage with a lot of information about Jaunty