Almost forgot the Higgs thingy …

Ahh right … there was a big presentation this Tuesday at CERN.

Both ATLAS and CMS presented their latest and greatest on the Higgs hunt. And … after all the excitement before, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed by the results. Sure they excluded a lot and yes they found some hints, but still everything is far from significant and there have been many examples of such discrepancies before … all disappearing after all. Actually ATLAS claimed to have fully excluded one of these previous effects. Well, I guess Rolf Heuer’s final words summarised the whole thing quite well … nothing definitely seem, nothing definitely excluded, let’s wait for next year’s data!

Experimental limits from ATLAS on Standard Model Higgs production in the mass range 110-150 GeV. The solid curve reflects the observed experimental limits for the production of Higgs of each possible mass value (horizontal axis). The region for which the solid curve dips below the horizontal line at the value of 1 is excluded with a 95% confidence level (CL). The dashed curve shows the expected limit in the absence of the Higgs boson, based on simulations. The green and yellow bands correspond (respectively) to 68%, and 95% confidence level regions from the expected limits.

Here you can find an explanation on what this image is actually showing.