And the days pass by

I just realized that my last entry is already twenty days old…
Which brought up the idea of writing a new one, even if I don’t really know what to write about… since almost everything is still the same.
Well, some things changed and some things happened…
Like the great India-Pictures-BBQ we had on our balcony at about 2 degrees celcius. That was just cool (in all meanings). Today I had my second day of my practical work in the surface science group at my institute, which was again (like the first one) a bit strange… on the one hand I didn’t like it, cause I didn’t do much more than some adjusting of the experiment and a lot of reading. On the other hand I liked it, cause I wasn’t able to read/work enough yesterday… which is btw still for my “little” presentation on Quark-Gluon-Plasma in my seminar in experimental physics.
QGP is really cool and interesting, but I just hate the theory behind all that stuff…
latticeQCD, come on!?

I guess that’s enough writing from someone who doesn’t know what to write… ;-)

btw I’m thinking about another freezing BBQ! Who wants to join