Annual Meeting of the German Physics Society

Yesterday I came back from the Annual Spring Meeting of the German Physics Society in Freiburg. One week of more or less interesting talks, presentations and discussions on and about particle physics. Accompanied by some stuff about gravitation, astro-physics and other subjects.
Besides some good talks in the partcile physics sessions, it turned out that the other subjects were actually the best part.
You might ask, what other subjects means … good question!
First of all it means: speakers with private addresses not affiliated with any institute or university!
Hmm, you might ask why’s that … again good question!
Well, if you see the theories/idea/experiments, you know why!
My personal favourite, a guy exlaining everything utilising the E8 group! And when I say everything I mean it, or better he does! From the amino acids, on to the origin of mass, til the description of the fundamental constants.
Simply amazing …Another guy was creating anti-gravitation using an improved version of his 12-vacuum-cleaner-engines-machine, and a third one was proving that the heat production in the earth is cause by the moon’s rotation around it, or something like that …
I actually made some movies, but they are unfortunately in German only.